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Monday, January 28, 2008

Use All of the Crayons in the Box

Retirement....each Monday, a day of beginnings...a fresh start...a week of possibilities before me...I start out by taking stock of what has to be done, needs to be done, & what I actually want to do. The time clock is down, the pressure is off & the chances to change the world have dwindled down to things I can do in my pajamas. Let's face it, "Everyday is Saturday, & I am loving it!"

With coffee in hand, I begin each day by writing the great American novel, painting a Rembrandt, sewing an heirloom....then I move on to taking a break, Days of Our Lives, a leisurely bath, Fox News, reading, computing or whatever else floats my boat! Visions of sugarplums are shattered at mid-afternoon by a thin dh showing signs of hunger, so I throw in a Marie Callendar pot pie, ditch the boxes & play for another hour. Believe me when I say, "A successful retirement hinges on stocking the freezer with the best frozen foods on the market!"

Late afternoon consists of one hour of pickin' & puttin' ....this is a finely-tuned housekeeeping method a wise friend taught me. It consists of power-walking through the house, grabbing stray things on the way by & dropping them off in a better place as I go....cramming a washer-load in, cleaning the floor here & there, dusting a swipe, & finishing off with the most important of all.....making sure there is a snack ready for evening TV.

Of course, I have colored a very simplistic view of what being retired is like at my house, but it's not far off. I have just chosen to use all of the crayons in my box instead of the practical black one. You see, it's all about choices!

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