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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Can You Can It?

You can always can it! Grandma did.

I have a really bad case of jar fever. I applique, piece, fussy-cut, paper piece & machine embroidery them on everything....

draw , trace , cut, find free patterns on the Internet....
put them on potholders, quilts, post cards, tea towels, table runners....

refrigerator magnets, purses, & clothes.

There's just something about jars that makes me see !!!!

Country Cooking Recipe

1 8oz pkg stuffing prepared by pkg directions.
Spread into greased, 13x9 dish & top with a deboned, chopped, stewed, chick'n.
Melt 1/2 cup butter & blend in 1/2 cup flour, 1/4 teasp salt & dash pepper.
Add 4 cups cool chick'n broth (may be liquid from stewed chicken) & cook while stiring until thickened.
Stir a small amount into 3 slightly beaten eggs & return this to hot mixture.
Pour over chick'n.
Bake 325 for aprox 45 min or until knife inserted comes out clean.
Let stand 5min. Cut & serve.
Gravy or a sauce can be used if wanted.
Add a garden salad &/or veggie....great meal for 6-8 servings.
A Few Truths about Sewing
Fusible interfacings always fuse to the iron.
If you need 6 buttons, you will find 5 in your button box.
Whenever the construction process is going well, the bobbin thread runs out.

A lost needle will be found by son, husband or brother-in-law, while walking around barefoot.
Pinking shears get dull just by looking at them.
Matching edges don't.
As ye sew, so shall ye rip .


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