Where does the time go?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Celebrate the choices!

A strong winter wind is blowing up a storm outside. The shoosh of it is repetitive & lonely. If I close my eyes & focus on just that sound, then push further, I can almost imagine a sister from the past huddled in a soddie... shawl choked around her neck to block the cold....bonnet tied closely, keeping small clods of dirt from settling in her hair...saving lamp fuel for later... the light too dim to see colors clearly...yearning for the ear of one friend... opening my eyes, I do remember stories of prairie women gone mad, children not surviving, loneliness & trials beyond my experience.
In reality a thermo-pane under warranty separates in from out, my house is toasty, & my ceiling is painted.
I sit at my computer talking to the world, as I drink from my favorite cup...the one with the words, "Free Spirit." It's a large cup, capable of holding coffee, tea, cocoa, water, lemonade, a Coke....whatever I desire hot or cold. I can change its contents with the seasons... volumes to my appetite... & the times to when I choose. I am a free woman of the 21st Century...... you are a free woman of the 21st Century.... let us celebrate this gift of endless choices together & never take it for granted, my sisters! Even with life throwing curves, we are free to work, play, know, come & go. We sew because we can...shop because it suits us... turn on a light that shines so brightly just because...
to be in this time... aren't we all!


Lindah said...

Such a lovely post! Truly we are blessed.

Solstitches said...

Great post.
Jana, thanks for the reality check. Whenever I am about to have a moan I will remember your words and be thankful.


SGF said...

Margaret & lindah....thanks for reading & enjoying....Jana


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