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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From Pillow Sham to Tote

Here is a tote made out of a pillow sham......it is so easy!Most of the finish work has been done by the manufacturer of the pillow sham. I stay on the lookout for these shams at reasonable prices...find them at $ Stores, flea markets, department stores, & quilty shops. The quilty shops usually sell a matching quilt & pillow sham seperately, but sometimes the quilts get sold first, & the shams are discounted for clearance...... the sham used for the tote pictured was $2.50.... you cannot beat that for a bargain!
Take the pillow sham & cut 3 or less inches (depending on the design of the sham) off of the two long sides... these 2 stips will be used for the handles... Serge the raw edges of the strips & what is remaining of the pillow sham. Turn the serged edges of the strips to the wrong sides & fasten down by machine stitching or hand stitching....if you like, blanket stitch the turned edges with embroidery floss for a nice finished look.
Take the remaining piece of the sham & fold it RST (right-sides-together) long sides together & stitch the sides closed... pinch the bottom corners flat (seam to middle of bag bottom) & stitch straight across.... the triangle formed should = approx. 1 1/2-inch from point to stitching line... I call this mitering.....it will give the tote a slightly-defined bottom.
Attach handles to outside of bag using buttons... I use the nicest buttons on the outside & small plain buttons on the inside to make the attachment points stronger, & it makes a nice finish too. Then use velcro or a snap for closure... again, I use buttons on the outside for decoration & strength, especially if you are using a snap.

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