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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Live Your Life in Color

I have always flown by the seat of my pants when it comes to using color......even though an artist (or maybe because), I have never liked to talk about the color wheel..."it just seems too round." I have always done my own thing. Yes, I understand that red, yellow, & blue are the primary colors. I know that purple, green, & orange are secondary colors, & that all hues & shades in between come from these basics, but I never give color theory a thought when painting or sewing. I just PLAY!
If I like it, I use it ....if it looks good together, it's in ......if it needs a perk, I go wild ......you get the picture. I paint like this, I sew like this, & I certainly live like this. I am one fast chick when it comes to color! Color is simple. "Live your life in color....don't labor over color... and, of course, avoid round....HAaaaaaaaa!"

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Char said...

OMG i LOVE THE LATEST INSERT IN THE BLOG, JANA..... Sorry for the caps, but I am excited just reading it...........you know you don't have to convince me about color!!!!!!!! It is a major part of my life......
love ya. Char


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