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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Glamour Gloves

Who says that housework has to be dull? Make these quick Rubber Gloves & put some pizzazz in your kitchen! Buy a pair of rubber gloves.... I have seen them in white, pink, blue & of course the standard yellow.
Pick a perky fabric. Cut a 6-inch strip WOF (approx. 44-inches). Fold this strip in half lengthwise with WST. Press.
Run the long, raw edge through your serger. Then cut the serged strip in half giving you 2 strips that are approx. 22-inches each. (A FQ works well for this....just cut (2) 6-inch wide strips instead of 1 long.)
Join the 2 ends of each strip by running them through the sergers. Then gather each ring to the size of the arm opening by basting along the serged edge & pulling the end threads to form a ruffle. (Some sergers can be used for gathering as well.)
Pin this ruffle in place with the folded, pressed edge pointed away from the hand. Stitch with the latex facing up with a non-slip foot or by placing a strip of paper over the latex as you run this through the machine... just tear the paper away when finished. You can also use a piece of rick rack instead of paper & it leaves you with a nice trim. Do not be too concerned if the stitch threads are not perfect & even on the inside... sewing through the latex can be a small hassle... no one will notice but you!

These make great gifts, stocking stuffers, door prizes, etc.

(FQ...Fat Quarter, WOF...Width of Fabric, WST...Wrong Sides Together)

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Busters Mom said...

I love these!!! They would make great Christmas gifts for the lunch ladys I work with. lol. They would I think get a kick out of them.


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