Where does the time go?

Monday, March 10, 2008

What time is it, really?

Twice each year, I live in a house divided by DST which is a great deal like PMS due to the depression & head-bloating it causes. (I would like to find the man who decided this plan was such a good idea!)
As far as I can see, Daylight Savings Time causes nothing but bi-annual, marital confusion. Dh changes the clocks he thinks he is in charge of the night before. I, on the other hand, am perfectly content to pretend that nothing is going to happen. The clocks he assumes that I know I am responsible for... do not forward or fall back. This results in our home being divided into different time zones.
Not knowing what time it is can turn a gentle, kind man into an irritable, old worry wart. How strange it is that 1 hour either way can determine a man's disposition... apparently, dh does not transpose well, or he just cannot keep things straight. He cannot figure out & remember which clocks in which rooms are 1 hour ahead, 1 hour behind, or just right on the money! It is a simple matter of memorizing & transposing. Bless his heart, he just can't do it.
It is simple... as simple as knowing your right from your left. In our bed for instance, if I face dh's clock, I can see the new time according to the unknown man who implemented DST as a mandated change. If I turn my head to the right, I can see my which is actually, in my opinion, the real time.
I must admit, that I finally even get myself confused. What time is it, really? It's time to synchronize my clocks to the ones around me... it's just not worth the fight!


Cottage said...

Jana, You are one amazing woman! SO creative, talented, industrious, sharing and caring. I love visiting your blog.
And ya know, we have that same ritual at our house for DST. Hubs says he changed the oven but not the microwave yet they are both the same time. Hmmm. He didn't change the TV but Verizon did automatically unless it was 2007 and Big V messed up in our market...causing an even bigger: "what time is it really?"
Eventually we all get it figured out, I guess that is why we go to church that morning so we can repent of wanting to take a hatchet to the man that came up with DST!
Can't wait to see the embroidery! Would LOVE to see your house with all the lovely things you create.

SGF said...

Melissa, you seem to be great writer yourself....thank you for the cheery comments....Jana

disa said...

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