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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Magical FQ Pattern for Slow Turtlles

Simple projects that look impressive always captivate me.

This magical bag pattern can be found at http://quiltsmart.com/ Each bag is made from 2 FQs & 1 piece of iron on interfacing. The pattern comes with 2 sheets of interfacing, preprinted for simple construction. The website says that the first bag takes 30 min. to make but after that, the next bags take only 17 min. each...in theory, I should be able to make 4 of these cuties during "Days of Our Lives" each afternoon...it probably still takes me 30 min. each even after making these 4 for the 4th of July, but if I would pull the plug, I could probably do it in 15 (but then that is the story of the days of my life.....HAaaaaaa)!

The pattern with the 2 sheets sells for $12.95, & I debated buying it for that price. My daughter talked me into it, because I picked it up so many times. What I found out is that the genius of this pattern is priceless....I would never have come up with it on my own.......& it is one of those addictive projects that gives back much more joy than the $s given.

The website sells additional printed interfacing sheets for $3.50 each, but you know me.....I started using plain, iron on interfacing of similar weight. The quilt shop in Derby, KS had 2 Halloween themed bags made for display, & how cute they were! I made the ones pictured above for July 4th.....carried one for a purse & gave the other 3 as holiday gifts.

I have at least a doz. cut out & ready to make in all seasons & holidays.......let's see....that should take 204 min........but will be more like 360+ min. for me...... I am not one to hurry...lol!

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