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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Christmas Countdown Has Started!

Yes, I know.....I am a Christmas fanatic.....I love every aspect of December starting with the day after Thanksgiving.....decorations, food, parties, family & friends, church activities, frosty weather, gift-giving, food baskets, cards, music, Christmas movies & all the other trimmings! Yet, I am a realist & understand the literal hours & hours of work it takes to orchestrate a magical holiday season for my family. My vision is always to be ready by Thanksgiving. I want to have the work done so that I can focus on the truly important things, enjoy the baking, & not be so tired that I cannot enjoy it all.

A rich Country Christmas cannot be merely bought....it must be made & gleaned....January is the time to start the preparations.....now is the time to sew...make those quilts, stitch up those pjs, rick rack those aprons, & freshen those stockings. My sweet dh visits flea markets, attends auctions, & restores the treasures that he finds. I take advantage of bargains & clearances......the list of possibilities just goes on & on for the 11 months ahead.......my mother used to say, "Everytime you buy a bill of groceries, pick up one special food item to put back for the holidays...a can of sweetened condensed milk or a jar of olives." I smile when I think of my mother's frugal ways, & I am grateful when I remember the warm celebrations under Mama's tree & around her table......memories like that are worth more than all the gold in the world.

Join me in sewing gifts throughout the year to be given or donated with the kind of love that warms your heart & makes you glow. Join me in making more & buying less. Join me in making those precious holiday memories for those around you...the ones that will never be forgotten!

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