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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Aunt Martha's Towels

I worked a full-time job for 28 years, had dh, 3 kiddos, church, cooking, washing, shopping, cleaning, & I made everyone's clothes including dh's shirts. Somehow, everything got done, & I don't even remember if it was tiresome... surely, I was tired, but why can't I remember that part? What has happened to me....... I no longer leave the house for work, the kids are raised, the housework is much less, ... but I can't get anything done!
Lately, (when I am not too tired to think), I wonder about Aunt Martha... did she actually have a day of the week set aside for each chore?
Monday: Wash Day Tuesday: Ironing Day Wednesday: Sewing Day Thursday: Market Day Friday: Cleaning Day Saturday: Baking Day Sunday: Day of Rest
She was one smart cookie when she started that DOW Towel brainwashing campaign. Overnight, it turned every cookstove into a notice board & instilled a sense of order & responsibility into American homes!
That settles it.... I am going to stitch a set of those vintage towels & post one everyday of the week like a chore notice.... I am going to start today while I watch, "Days of Our Lives" on TV & sip a Coca Cola!

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julie said...

Hi Rosie!
OH!!!!! I hear you girl.
Just the thought of what I need to do these days makes me want to have a lie down.


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