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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Green with Hope

When asked what my favorite color is, I answer, "All colors." I sincerely mean that, but I must confess that green has never been at the top of my list, even though it is the color of & I would be poor without it!!!
On the pro side, it is in the rainbow, Grandma's jello, frogs, grass, leafy veggies, shamrocks, eyes, beans, blue/yellow mixed together, & it means, "Go." On the con side, it is the color of envy which is not the prettiest shade of people, inexperience which is useless, & the color of a sick fish which is said to be green around the gills!
Some of my friends are making March potholders ( Barb, Trudie, Nina, Dorcas) , & I must say that while black may be the universal color of despair, white of purity, yellow of cowardness & red of danger... green is striking. It looks fresh, crisp, springy, & bright... after rethinking green, I believe that the saying should be, "Green with Hope!" I believe that hope should be colored green with the ideas of new, young, rebirth..... HOPE!


Flicsha said...

I think you have it. Green has all ways been my favorite color. To my mother's unhappyness. My mother hates green If I had to pick a new dress and there was a green one that's the one I had to have.
My #2 husband said eveything turns green at out house in side and out. Green gose with every thing.
Even Mother Nature thinks so. Flicsha

SGF said...

Thanks for reading, Flicsha! Jana


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