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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Needles in a Haystack

Buying small items in volume is probably not for me. In fact, there ought to be an item-size-limit placed on small things sold in quantities in the first place. How about, "If it is smaller than a breadbox, the customer can only buy 1." The logic in this..." If the item purchased is too small to find after you get it home, then you only lose 1 instead of a 100!"

To stretch my quilting purse, I bought 80 name-brand machine needles in a matchbox-size container on ebay for X amount of $$.......they arrived in the mail....I used a few & found them to be of good quality.....& then.... the small box disappeared. I have gone through totes, sewing boxes, pockets, scraps....made wild accusations...interrogated family members ....cursed a non-existing thief, all to no avail.
Let's face it....my sewingroom is a haystack, & I am looking for the needles! At any given time, it is a mess.......I am always making the project of the century with plans to organize later. When later comes, I always run across something else I had lost, become distracted & end up sewing again. It is a viscious cycle, & somewhere in the revolution is my bargain-$upply of machine needle$. I will organize my sewingroom & probably find them when I finish the 3-dozen pillowcases I am making for the 2010 family reunion....oh no, I already have 17 Christmas aprons cut out....it will have to be after that........
Experience tells me that the needles will just turn-up someday, & when they do, I have a plan, "They are going in the china cabinet right between Grandpa's watch & my embroidery scissors." Until that day, I am going to borrow $4.00 from the grocery money to buy a little pkg of 5 the next time I go to town." Reflecting on all of this, I now realize that this is what I should have done this in the first place!

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