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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Toilet Paper Quilt

Take fabric scraps & sew them together in an anything goes frenzy, making strips the width of a toilet paper roll. Keep joining them together end-to-end & actually wind this long strip onto an empty toilet paper roll in never-ending fashion.
When the roll of fabric toilet paper gets several inches in diameter, it is ready to use.
Fill as many rolls as you wish.
Cut a square or rectangle of any measurement.....it could even be a small fabric panel.....and use this for the center of your toilet paper quilt. Sew the toilet paper roll strips around the center block log-cabin-style or just frame your center block in the strips. Go around your center as many times as needed to reach a desired size. If you are wanting to end up with a rectangle of a certain length, you will need to add strips to each end as well.
Who says we can't use up those scraps & have fun!


Helenka's Gift said...

Hi Jana,
I found your blog via the Cottagefolk Digest at Yahoo. Kathy here, the one who only sporadically posts. I just wanted to say thanks for such a nice blog read. I saved your Apple Dew and Hot Chocolate Pie recipes and love that toliet paper quilt idea! Anything piece measuring 2 inches and up is stashed away in my sewing room. I'm looking forward to joining your Yahoo group after I hit the send button here.

Kathy R

SGF said...

Kathy R, I am so happy that you are here in blog land. Visit often, as I will try to update with projects, challenges, recipes, ideas, & creative observations often.....your visits will be appreciated....Jana

Anonymous said...

I may be somewhat dense but I'm not sure I understand how you sew the strips around the center square without cutting off pieces after wrapping the whole thing around the roll. Though the instruction says to just keep sewing around the square. Do you cut strips from the one long strip? Thanks for posting your blog on the stitching group. I enjoy reading it.

SGF said...

Tori, you have to just take what you need off of the roll. You will have to cut the strip as needed......good question....Jana


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