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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Good Way to Use Charm Packs

Jana's Charm Pack Totes
(18 sq charms per tote...5-inch is example-size.)
Use 1/4-in. seam, joining sqs into 6 rows of 3 blocks ec. Join rows to form rectangle ....press.
Use rectangle as pattern for batting, stabilizer & lining. Sandwich together...saving lining out.
Quilt as desired.
Cut 2 strips, approx. 2 1/2-in. x 22-in. Cut 2 (1-inch) strips for batting..... Construct 2 handles.
Place quilted rectangle face up. Mark middle of 1 long edge (this marks top-edge of tote).
Position straps with loop resting on right-side of rectangle, pointing downward, which is opposite of picture showing handle pointing upward....Pin in place at desired points.
Optional: Dropping down approx. 1/8-in. +, pin rick rack across top of bag over strap ends.
Lay lining face down on right-side of rectangle. Secure by pinning. Stitch across top catching all edges. Allow maximum of rick rack to show on finished tote ...making certain all edges of layers have been caught in seam.
Open with right sides facing up. Total will measure double original rectangle ...1/2 being lining & 1/2 being tote.
Fold sides of purse & lining together with right sides facing. Pin, encasing handles still pointing downward. Sew across the ends & sides of lining & bag, leaving opening in lining for turning.
Turn, making corners crisp......tuck lining into bag & top stich top-edge, to avoid rolling.
Slip Stitch opening closed......add embellishments, snap or velcro for closure.
Note: This tote is flat, but bottom of bag & lining can be mitered defining bottom of finished tote.

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