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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Size Does Not Matter Anymore!

Quilting in 2008 is different from the way yesterday's Grandmas quilted ...making quilts for cover ...the fire was banked or the heat was turned down low at night, & the thick quilts were piled on so high that it was an effort to turn over...."I know, because this was the way that I was raised in West Texas." Quilts of "yesteryear" were batted with cotton wadding, worn-out quilts, ragged clothing beyond patching & the heavier the results, the better. All resources were recycled. What an effort the old quilts must have been to wash & hang on a line!
Size mattered then....a quilt had to be big enough to cover the bed & at least 3 kids & thick enough to make a palet....lol! There was none of this lap quilt, nap quilt, table quilt business ... nobody had time to sit or sleep during the day, & dollies were the proper things for tables. One thing has stayed the same though....the love, attention, dreams of hope & the great friendships made while piecing our lives together stitch by stitch.
The batting may be lighter & the purpose not so serious, but women from both eras pour & poured hearts, minds, & spirits into the quilts of the day, filling homes with warmth of one sort or another.
We can learn a lot of life from the determined women who quilted tirelessly to settle this country, but how independent we quilters have become.....any size, any color, few rules, no thought to survival ... we don't even recycle ... we just play & size does not matter anymore. We have become liberated quilters, still looking back to tradition, but leaping foward in abandon.....oh what fun it is to be a quilter in 2008!


Char said...

Jana, Blogging is in your blood!! As a writer you show your flair with words. How I love to read your posts. Very interesting and you have something to say!!!

Mary Ellen said...

OOOO, you really are on a roll Miss Jana.......I love all of the different fonts and little pictures you are using......I am having a hard time getting my pictures to go where I want them too.........but give me time, I'll persevere......and if I don't, well I am sure I will learn something else along the way......
Mary Ellen

SGF said...

Thank you both, Ladies....Jana


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