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Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Saucer for Every Cup

A saucer & teacup put you in automatic sipping mode, the savoring of a hot drink from thin china. I mean ...not pottery.....but bone china .....this one thing instantly transforms you back to simple when a schedule was not needed....a wrist watch was not worn.......& everyone had time for a mannerly visit.
Now-a-days, we chug-a-lug from a big mug....lidded, on-the-go fortification, insulated to preserve heat between gulps ..tough enough to survive a dishwasher.............. We've no time to sit in one place....no time for hours of idle conversation.....got to hit the pavement....make progress...keep pushing...get out of my way ..etc., etc., etc. It is exhausting even to think about the curse of the mug on our society!

Sadly, (watercolor by Jana) real teacups along with all their living lessons are stuck in the dark behind cabinet doors , stored in the cellar at Grandma's house, seen only as forgotten what-nots on dusty shelves & bannished to flea markets across America.
I suppose the thick, heavy, ugly mug was a natural middle point somewhere between the settling of this country & the modern day unsettling... once people became quagmired in the vast void of in-between, they lost site of either shore, & the clunky mug became the norm not only for beverages but as a symbol of behavior in general.
Maybe some still remember the teacup & its lessons in social graces, but children know little of this. Perhaps this is the time to dig those old family tea sets out of hiding..... the resurgence of manners & the declining of altercations in this country might be amazing. It might go down in history as the Teacup Reformation when etiquette, gentleness, patience, love for one another & the sugar cookie prevailed. Maybe, it is time to have a nation-wide tea party! Just make sure that you have a saucer for every cup.


Char said...

WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL blog entry I have read today (Sun).....I just can live in your words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a great idea of having a nationwide tea party!!!

Scallywags Scribbles said...

Oh I love our tea times hubby and I have. Over the years we have collected quite a few tea sets, many with just tea for two. If you take a look at my sunday entry on my blog you can see the tea we enjoyed this weekend.
Thanks for your lovely blog story.

SGF said...

Thank you, Char.........! Jana

SGF said...

Scallywags, I saw your tea set, & it made my heart sing! Jana


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