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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Flamingo Attributes

What do Flamingos have that we all need? Could it be ....... strength to stand on one leg in case a foot is knocked out from under us ......patience to stand still as a lawn ornament in the face of adversity... a voice to be reckoned with, but the sense to sit down when it's time to be quiet... the ability to keep our heads above water, the desire to be monogamous, an inner-fire that continues to burn when lights have gone out around us.... & enough courage to be flamboyant in an uptight world.
In reality, flamingos are very social birds living in groups, called pats. They make nasal honking, grunting, a growling sounds, & their eyes are actually larger than their brains! They are also defenseless. Having noted these facts, the flamingo is the Greta Garbo of the bird world with legs longer than its body...it is their beauty & wild color that screams, "Bold!"
Perhaps it is their total package & their ability to stick together, giving them the fortitude to beat the odds . We could all do with a little of their collective, charming humility & a lot of their confidence....whether it is in tones, presentations, approaches, or demeanors.... are any shrinking violets in the flamingo world... not that can be noticed!

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