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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why bother making your own potholders?

Potholders are plentiful & cheap everywhere you look, & they hardly ever wear out from use....so why would anyone want to make a potholder.........the real question is, "Why wouldn't anyone want to make a potholder?" Since homemaking came to be, women have been hungry for easy, frugal ways to express individual personalities & likes, to add color to everyday lives & to mark their territories with hope! What better way than to fill a kitchen workspace with colorful, tiny, quilts.

Making potholders is a great way to exercise a voice in the kitchen & show off creative talents. Customize potholders to match decors, personal tastes, highlight seasons, celebrate holidays or even to make bold statements. Handmade potholders make wonderful gifts as well that will speak through decades of loving use...throw in a cookie mix, a cookie cutter, a wooden spoon, and a simple, practical gift has been born to send any bride into her own kitchen of cooking bliss!

Potholders can be so much more than a generic pad for grabbing a pot handle without getting burned! Make them to learn, relax, bust a stash, stretch the gift budget, stock hope chests, or just to enjoy the sweet rewards of quick success! Potholders are simple to make for advanced sewers & easy enough for the greenest beginners. With only the simplest of materials, a measure of insulation, & a vision, a potholder offers the perfect artist's palette . Whatever the reason, throw away those store-bought hot pads & stock the kitchens of America with unique expressions of life! Scatter those charming little quilts all across the land...
potholder-makers go forth & multiply!

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