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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Birthing Without Drugs!

I never thought I would say this, but, "Birthing is a breeze!"
When I first started quilting, I thought that I had to bind every project or I really wasn't quilting. I could not have been more wrong!
In my inexperience, I had no idea that a new quilt can have a painless, no fuss, vaginal birth with no doctor present or insurance needed. Of course, an older woman (a mentor), set me straight on the joys of birthing. She soon had me comfortingly birthing without drugs ...lol! As you can see in the above example pic, it makes a quick, clean, finished edge on any quilt project, large or small. Now, I find myself as the older woman passing this ageless quilting technique down to fresh generations of quilters.
In a few words, simply sandwich your pieces front-to-back including batting & backing (or just a backing for lighter blanket-type projects). Stitch around project, leaving a small opening only large enough for turning....
think of this opening as the vagina of the quilt world!
Now, just turn inside out, punching corners from the inside to make them crisp. At this point, press &/or stitch close to edge making the outside of the quilt even & straight all the way around. Heal the opening neatly, then tack or quilt to finish your work for presentation.

What would a birthingroom be without a video camera these days?

Here is an actual birthing that I found on You Tube with the midwives standing around... there is an air of anticipation & then the joy audibly heard as once again a new quilt is naturally born!


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