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Friday, March 14, 2008

Hold the Lemon!

I love lemons.... few calories, tangy taste, the color of sunshine ...a real pick me up in a drink ... . I enjoy the zip of a lemon!
At restaurants, I always order lemon, "...tea with lemon, please... water with lemon, please... " My dh even orders lemon so that I can have his......... what a guy!
It turns out that a lemon can be a real lemon if it is not handled right.
I was stunned by this video..... from now on, I will say, "Hold the lemon.... I brought my own!"

My younger daughter's opinion on this: "I think bacteria is good for you. I can't say I've ever had food poisoning or anything like that, and I use a lemon in my tea or water at every restaurant I go to. "


kimf said...

I'll take a slice of lemon too! I love lemon in my water and tea! I just found your blog and really enjoy it. You have so many different subjects of interest.


Char said...

We heard on the National News last week about the lemon skins holding bacteria. No more for me!!!! If I bought one, I would wash it or whatever you need to do. I always rinse off my apples before eating too...
Thanks for the video.....Char


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