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Friday, March 21, 2008

Support Crafters & Artisans

I have always had tense passages in my life when I run short of time, energy, or expertise. This is when I look to the handiwork & talent of others...
I love to support my fellow-crafters if I can't make it myself.
What greater way is there to promote handcrafted than to buy it? Buying handmade reconnects with the past, & it certainly feels good to the spirit. It is highly possible that handmade may lower blood pressure.
Yes, I believe that buying handmade is better for everyone concerned. It is communicating to someone that he/she is deserving of one-of-a-kind, made-with-care & carefully selected gifts. It conjures up the warmth of the pioneer spirit, the melodies of Woody Guthrie, & the love of family. Supporting crafters is better for the environment than buying into the harmful environmental repercussions of mass-manufacturing contributing to global warming, pollution, & ulcers from stress. Every handcrafted product strikes a ding against global demise & tension.
Large American retailers & chain stores brainwash & inundate us with the status quo... the same products over & over, slickly packaged, & staged for consumers to easily snap-up the bait. This serves a purpose in that it is convenient to quickly buy deodorant, underwear, plastic wrap, cereal, toothbrushes, over-the-counter meds, socks, trashcans, dog food, etc, etc, etc... consistently under 1 roof. It just makes sense to buy routinely consumed blah, blah, blah in this way... when you use it up... you need it again... go get it... end of story... get on with your life... but wait... is it absolutely necessary that the same curtains, placemats, pillowcases & decorating items be in every household? Where is the creativity & personal expression in that?
Handcrafted is always the result of skill & craftsmanship that is so blaringly absent in large-scale manufacturing. The supply & demand-follow-the-leader-manufacturer-retailer-consumer relationship is a necessary evil but falls short when it comes to tender sharing.
Handmade makes for better gift-giving.
Save the mundane for consumable items.
Unique, one-of-a-kind presents say, "I care enough to honor this occasion with a token that is only for you." This is the ultimate expression of thoughtful friendship, honor, &/or love. It is like saying, "You are special enough in thought, word or deed to warrant my going the extra mile... I thought about your individuality & spent time on just YOU! Yes, I acknowledge you as worthy of my undivided attention."
It is prudent to buy selectively from chain stores, rounding out packages of handmade fair with M&Ms, screwdrivers, measuring spoons or whatever else is not easily made... & Gift card$ are the greatest things since sliced bread. Give them when someone will benefit more from extra $$$ to spend or will find great fun in a $hopping spree... but always find creative, interesting ways to present that plastic buying power.
My point in a nutshell is,
"Make your own or support your local crafters, artisans, & small shops. It will make you feel better, & it will convey goodwill all the way around!"

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