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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Clothesline Communication Obsolete

Modern technology has created numerous moral dilemmas....... for instance, communication started getting way too invasive when telephones became commonplace in American homes. Everyone started asking outright, "What are you doing?" The art of lying immediately took hold!
I don't know about you, but if I'm sitting on the couch watching Gone with the Wind for the umpteenth time in my pajamas & eating chocolate ice cream out of the carton, that question just rubs me the wrong way..... what am I to do? Do I lie, try to make it sound better than it is, tell the truth, jump up & get busy, so that reality changes....? There in lies the social dilemma.
Did you know that the modern washer & dryer set has caused the most invasive confusion? It has rendered backyard clotheslines obsolete. Nosey neighbors, private eyes & mother-in-laws can no longer be in the know quietly.....they now have to ask............
At one time, the activity of a household could be judged, with some accuracy, by what was hanging on the clothesline .....what a family's activities were, what the head of the household did for a living, how many kids were on board, etc., etc......it was all hung out to dry for the world to see! A line of drying clothes was a damp array that told of occupations, hobbies, children, shopping habits (you know, fancy panties or plain...) , troubles & joys. (It was even used by the Underground Railroad to post hidden messages.) Well, all of that is gone forever.....it has been replaced with My Space, My Page, My Blog, My Internet Diary..... if technology is so advanced, why can't there be a virtual, holographic clothesline projected into each & every backyard...... we could all just program in messages for the neighborhood without ever leaving our keyboards! We could start rumors, sway opinions, stretch the facts....oh wait, we can still do that......never mind!

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