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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fat Quarter Challenge

Raise your hand if you love to buy Fat Quarters..... not only do I love to buy them, but I am drawn to them... not only am I drawn to them, but I don't want to cut into one after I get it home! I collect them, sort them, show them, arrange them...rearrange them, dream about projects, & think, "Someday, when I have enough I will make something...." I may buy a FQ just because it reminds me of someone..... dh would like these, daughter would like this pile, I can't live without this stack, these remind of Ma on Little House on the Prairie, etc., etc., etc. I never run out of reasons to justify buying FQs or clever ways to organize them... my dh & girls even put them in my stocking...lol! I have FQ Fever so bad that sometimes, I even make my own FQs! I know that may be hard to believe, but it is so true! I confess. I count & multiply Fat Quarters like a fabric Queen Midas. "Only will I use them if I can find a project worthy." I think I have found such a pattern at the Quiltershome Magazine site! It is too good not to share. Follow this link & scroll 1/2-way down the page & find a cute, cute, free Fat Quarter pillowcase pattern..... it takes 4 FQs to make one pillowcase. http://quiltershomemag.com/freepattern/ I challenge you... make one, send a pic to me at jdahmen@ckt.net & I will post it on the blog with your first name.

You must promise to only use FQs from your stash......HAaaaaaaaa! Who will know!


Char said...

oh Jana...what a great obsession to have!!!! I still have lots and lots left over from our quilt shop hop last April '07

SGF said...

Don't those FQs have some good memories...Jana

Char said...

I do not remember where I got ea one, but do know I have alot...some have been cut into, and some not...I have a seperate drawer for just chicken prints..lol

jtstone said...

I love Fat Quarters, I'm addicted.


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