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Monday, January 5, 2009

Flannel Salad

Needing to prewash small pieces of flannel this morning, I reached for IT in my sewing room. You may recognize IT as a salad spinner advertised long ago on infomercials & sold at discount stores right by the salad shooters. Now, they mostly sit on shelves by the blenders, food processors, specialty coffee makers, rice cookers, crockpots, electric knives, cookie presses, bun warmers & everything else that waits to be used once in a blue moon. I bought my never-been-used-model at a garage sale for $1.00. My dh was doubtful that I needed it, but it was just a buck....
to some it is an unappreciated gadget , a space-waster, but to me......to me........it is a small washing machine for fat quarters, charms, squares, strips, etc.
Here is how it works.
1. I set the double baskets in the sink, throw in the fabric & wet through & through with hot water, maybe adding a little laundry detergent.
2. I put lid on & let a stream of water flow into the basket, & I agitate by rotating back & forth .... be sure to take the lid off & work out any extra soap before spinning.
Tip: I separate lights from darks.
3. I replace the lid & rotate the handle fast & spin, spin, spin.........the fabric works to the sides of the basket similar to an actual spin cycle.

I dry the fabric in any way I want.......here it is just spread around here & there to dry.
Couldn't be easier!
Before you buy a salad spinner.....ask around....
someone you know has one & will gladly give it to you.

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Char said...

What a great idea to use the salad spinner.....you are just too clever for words.!!
Love ya, Char


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