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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Throw in the Towel

Go to church....do the wash.....iron the clothes....mend the tears.....buy the groceries.....clean the house.....bake the bread.... kitchen towels embroidered in redwork with these practical reminders hung by my grandma's sink.....stitches worn away....holes here & there....and I loved them, battle-scars & all.
I forgot about Grandma's towels when I started housekeeping....life was moving too fast for the old order... mass-produced terry cloth in colors of avocado green & tangerine orange were the rage! Time flew by...work got done, kids got raised......& it wasn't until this past year that I remembered these comforting towels & started throwing them in with wedding & house warming gifts. I turn to my embroidery machine when I want to whip up a set fast!
Here are 2 towels with a modified twist that I made for my daughter who loves to travel.

(The threads have not yet been clipped in this picture.)

The days of the week in Italian.... Sunday - lunedì, Monday - martedì, Tuesday - mercoledì,

Wednesday - giovedì, Thursday - venerdì, Friday - sabato, Saturday- domenica

The days of the week in French... Sunday - Dimanche, Monday - Lundi, Tuesday - Mardi,

Wednesday - Mercredi, Thursday-Jeudi, Friday - Vendredi, Saturday - Samedi

(Actually, the week starts with Monday in these countries, & the days are not capitalized.)

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Anonymous said...

Domenica is Sunday in Italian.


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