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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Share the Featherweight Spirit!

Often, I try to put faces to the original owners of the old Singer Featherweights. More importantly, I think about how determined they must have been to buy these units from the door-to-door salemen during the Depression era when money was so scarce. Yet the women who opened their doors to these salesmen were looking for a way to make a difference...looking for a way to make things better. How far we have moved from the sound, personal values of homemaking.
I just read a newspaper article saying that women are allergic to sewing machines. When did this happen? My mother, rest her soul, would be shocked. When I needed something, she made it, revived it, or invented it. The sewing machine was an important tool to her.
Have we moved so far away from practicing the skills of effective nesting that the domestic arts have been lost to the young of our species? Are we not baking from scratch, airing pillows in the sunshine, recycling hand-me-downs & whipping up curtains anymore. Please say, "It ain't so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Soon, if we do not correct this trend. there will be no more after-school cookies & milk! Maybe we are just trading our sewing machines, kitchen mixers & dust mops for discontentment & frayed nerves....buying Prozac instead of thread, vanilla & furniture polish......no wonder the discount stores are discontinuing sewing counters for expansion of pharmacy departments....shrinking the baking aisles making more room for the frozen entrees.....
Call me out-of-touch, but could it be that we are looking to feather our nests by turning away from the very personal & ingenuous touches that make a home a place of nurturing comfort?
If you are reading this, then obviously, you understand homemaking, but that alone is not enough to save our future.....
You must pass it on or pay it foward......how ever you want to look at it....teach someone to sew or bake today! Transfer the Spirit of the Singer Featherweight today!


Yoga with Gaileee, E-RYT said...

I was at a church thrift store last Friday, picking up some vintage sewing patterns that they had for sale (10 cents each!), and a lady in the line to pay, said, "You mean there are people out there who still sew?"

Yes, I think there are a lot of us out there. In fact, I sew mainly on my singer featherweight 221 machine.

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webbsway said...

Jana , honey - you sure have a way with words - you took the honest truth and gave it life. They call it progress , but I hate it. I don't know if people just don't have the energy after trying to survive each day or If there is no way to obtain the knowledge they need OR if the supplies are so expensive and it is cheaper to just purchase what ever comes easier?? I don't know the secret - I wish I did. To me - it is the urge to Create something that seems to come from within my soul and it has to be answered somehow - beyond all obstacles? That is the reason I love your group - it is a way to reach out and learn. Thank you so much. Linda


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