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Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a Silly Girl I Am....

When I was little kid, I wanted a monkey....my mama said, "No, it will get on the table & throw mashed potatoes!" There was a lady down the road who had 3 monkeys & I dreamed about the fun I would have if I owned one, so I was disappointed & held a grudge for awhile.
Later, I begged for a parakeet which my mama finally allowed against her better judgement because she had vetoed the monkey, I suspect...turned out that Tweety Bird learned to say, "Kiss me," & "What cha doin?," & he never shut up.....over & over & over for at least 10 years. Ironically, this loud repetition got on my nerves more than Mama's.
I also asked her for a red parasol that was hanging over the Woolsworth toy counter....it was 98 cents which was a sum of money in those days. Mama said, "No, it will break." I wanted it so badly that I asked Daddy when Mama was listening. He innocently bought it for me, she was aggravated, & it broke the second day I had it. I was sorry that I had wasted a wish on it.
Over the years of my childhood, I asked for a great many things....some Mama would get for me & some she wouldn't for one reason or another. Of the wished for things I did get, some turned out to be great & some turned out to be not-so-good.
My point is that I don't always know what is good for me.....maybe none of us do until we experience it.
As an adult, I pretty much get what I want. The problem is that I have become no one to hold a grudge against but myself....oh, I could put blame on dh, but he is usually so innocent & oblivious of trivia that I don't have the heart to bother him......he's a pretty good guy.
A few years ago, I wanted a horse...poor man built a stable & hurt his back......I got the horse, & it nearly drug him off on the first day as it was running away...by this time, dh was determined that I would get a horse because he had built the stable....for the next 5 years, my horse was more of a never-ending-task done in all extremes of weather....looking back on it, I cannot imagine how I ever thought that owning a horse would be endless trailrides with Roy Rogers.
I have learned to approach my whims with caution & dismiss most of them, but my latest desire & there is always a new one, is most persistent...lol....I want a dog....I don't need a dog.....I already have the smartest Yellow Lab in Missouri, but I dream of having a Boston Terrible, like my daughter's . It doesn't make any sense even to me.....I am retired, kids raised, foot-loose-&-fancy-free...nothing expected of me.....I cannot justify all of the hassles that would come with a Boston pup. It would not be worth the strain on my marriage just to hold it in my lap while I watch reruns of Bonanza.
I demand of myself to consider several things........ is a Boston Tornado ever still....NO!!! Is it ever satisfied....NOT That I Have Observed!!! Does it tear the most valued possessions up in rapid succession......CONSTANTLY!!! Is it cuddly....Only if it is very tired from doing all of the naughty things it can think of to get attention!
Luckily, I am older & wiser & know that most of the things that I think I want are not really what I need & can be very long-lived. Obviously, this is one of those dreams....so, I will enjoy the sweet Boston Pies of others, & I will look at Boston Terrors on You Tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jY2WMyCR46M


Barb's Blurbs said...

All too true, Jana! I have disappointed myself at times also but I think I may have learned or else the disappointments have not been too big. Love the blog...your use of fonts and colors make it fun! I know it takes extra work to do it but I may just have to try it on my own blog!

Carla said...

Great post. At a yard sale today, there was a featherweight..in a case..lots of extras...looked new..I didn't have the money..$250. Boy was I upset.


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