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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Look What $52.00 Will Buy These Days!

I got all of these groceries for $$52.00.....a whole blueberry pie in the white box......can you see the carton of eggs by the pie.....a whole pineapple, sweet potatoes, lemons, pears, apples, lettuce, cabbage, 4 steaks, a big bag of chicken breasts, a big bag of chicken strips, French fries, rice, pancake mix, tortillas, ground meat, carrots, peppers, onions, a pizza, a bag of potatoes, a carton of milk, cheese, a canteloupe, BBQ Beef, weiners, a can of peaches & more....amazing!

One of the area churches sponsors a program called, Angel Food, a food co-op for any community members who would like to pool their money & buy food at wholesale prices. The food is delivered once a month.....it is on a sign up & pay for ahead of time basis. You can buy as many shares as you want......believe me.....I am signed up & paid for next month......I am hooked!

Please, look around in your community for food co-ops sponsored by local churches. You will welcome you to participate, & you can stretch those $$$ this way.

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Valerie said...

Is this like Angel Food ministries? I have heard of that. You did good and got a lot of deals.


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