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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Again

It's true.....I am happy......not with the weather, not with everything going on in the world & certainly not with cleaning house....but with ME! I can truly get up in the morning & say to myself, "Everything is going to be okay......just look at all the beautiful colors to choose from!" 

I have not mentioned this before on my blog, but I lost a child...a wonderful, beautiful person, a young man & father....a friend.  Finally after almost 3 years, I feel peaceful again......I can hear the birds sing, see the sunshine & hear the  music ........I can remember him without catching my breath & crying.

It feels wonderful to be happy again......Jana


andsewon said...

Sending you some 'love' my dear pal'o'mine!!
Now that sewing room looks awesome !!!

Char said...

I want to sew in your new room...just beautiful like the lady who lives there........

webbsway said...

Gosh Jana,
How truly horrendous to lose a child-no matter what age. I have always heard that We Adults should never have to bury our children.
I am so sorry.They say , "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger" and I do believe that you are one strong gal!
Who knows, when the flowers bloom or the wind whispers through the trees that he is just sending you messages of love and to let you know he is alright and you guys will be together -in the wink of an eye?

CottageBliss said...

Jana, feeling better will never discount your love for him. I remember on the group when we were told. And the photos you later showed. I am so glad you are free again and hearing the music around you everyday.


P.S. Thank you for the recommendation on my sewing machine, it was a perfect match for my needs.


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