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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Perfect Pan!

Look at these perfect brownies......I made them with a Pillsbury box mix and the Perfect Brownie Pan found at https://www.bestbrowniepan.com/  I probably would not have bought this pan for myself, assuming that it wouldn't work and that it would end in my cabinet of bad ideas....lol.....however, a wonderful friend sent it to me as a gift, and this pan is truly amazing!
My friend's dh baked cornbread and brownies with the same results. She and I highly reccomend this pan! 


solomi558 said...

Where can a pan like this be purchased in the u.k . -cottonreel

Jana Dahmen said...

Can't you order it off of the Internet at the link in the article? It sold on US TV for a long time.......I also think that our discount retail stores like Walmart are carrying them now. I hope this helps you....Jana

Char said...

I seen these pans for 4.99 at the Christmas Tree shop......Char


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