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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

There's a prize involved?

I have that don't use it up, because then I won't have it mentality with the added bonus of , if I throw it away I'll need it, seasoning. What a curse! Sears never had as much inventory as I do!
I hoard everything, kidding myself into thinking I am thinning things down. I am a great rationalizer. I tell myself, "I may need the kids' old bobby socks to make snow babies someday." (In reality, I don't even like snowmen made out of socks... never have....)
I just read an article on how to minimize your sewing clutter by using up what you have & then refraining from stockpiling. The author is either a start-one-project-then-finish-it-before-even-thinking-about-another kind of gal, a vacuum while wearing grandmother's pearls girl, a person who does not form attachments easily, or a fake-sewer.... you know, a woman who says she sews, but in truth, only made a set of throw pillows for a flowered couch 2 years ago & then put the scraps in her yearly garage sale. (I don't dislike any of these types of women, but I just don't let them in my house to see stashes sticking out of every nook & cranny!) Yes, if you want to eat at my house, you must have at least 3 bulging closets to qualify.
You might think with all of this surplus, I would never cross the threshold of another retail shop for the next 10 years. Apparently, that is not the case, because I am drawn to quilt shops with an animal magnetism! Will this vicious circle never end?
If it was really as simple as start project... finish project.... plan project.... buy only what is needed... start project... finish project... you can see where this in going. I would have no clutter issue in the first place to resolve. I have always heard that the one who dies with the most fabric wins... wins what? If it's not more then count me out!

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